Emerge the kings

Leap into Frogsylvania, a frog NFT collection on Base for the culture! Explore the storytelling and gamification aspects of NFTs and experience the interactive deflationary mechanism through merging and burning.

The Map

Explore the realms of Frogsylvania.
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Frogsylvania's Map


  • Elected RulerElected Ruler
  • SocietyDemocratic United City-States
  • ResourcesEdible Goods, Wines, Tourist Attractions, Heroes Army
  • TerrainOpen, Plain, Hill, Valley, White Plateau
  • ConflictHeket, Grodaholm, Toadooine
  • AlliesCroakeria, Nottinufmana


  • MonarchFrogusson XI, King of the Croakerias
  • SocietyFeudalism, Imperialism
  • ResourcesGold and Diamond Mines of Western Croakerian Heket
  • TerrainForest
  • ConflictHeket, Toadooine
  • AlliesCroasseum, Nottinufmana


  • Commander-in-ChiefPresident Dart Wafer
  • SocietyMilitary Dictatorship, Bureaucracy
  • ResourcesSpaceTech, Star Fleet
  • TerrainCanyon, Rock, Crater, Highlands, Maria, Hologram
  • ConflictNottinufmana, Croakeria
  • AlliesFrogopolis, Grodaholm


  • LeaderJarl Frhjogennsen
  • SocietyChieftain/Clan Society
  • ResourcesIron, Ethereum, Ice, Battle Fleet
  • TerrainTundra, Glacier, Volcano
  • ConflictCroasseum
  • Alliesnone


  • KingFrogxes II The Great
  • SocietySocial Sovereignty
  • ResourcesSeveral Types of Black and Green Stone, Göei, Immortal Army
  • TerrainMountain, Mountain Range, Valley, Marsh
  • Conflictnone
  • AlliesToadooine, Heket


  • EmperorFrogohito Sama
  • SocietyAristocracy
  • ResourcesKoi Farms, Fish, Edible Goods, Wood, Tourist Attractions
  • TerrainPlain, Mountain, Forest
  • Conflictnone
  • Alliesnone


  • PharaohPharaoh QurQur of Heket
  • SocietyMonarchy, Partially Colonized
  • ResourcesDiamond, Gold, Lake of Life, Army of Sand
  • TerrainDesert, Dune, Oasis, River, Valley, Mountain
  • ConflictCroakeria
  • AlliesFrogopolis, Frogoshima


  • Arch MageMerlin
  • SocietyHybrid/Elective Monarchy
  • ResourcesMagic
  • TerrainHill, Open, Float, Forest
  • ConflictToadooine
  • AlliesCroasseum, Croakeria


  • MaharajaUncle Gorf-Khan
  • SocietyAnarchism
  • ResourcesRiver waters, Spice, Silk, Crystal Mines, Tourist Attractions, Edible Goods
  • TerrainRiver, Open, Hill, Mountain, Valley
  • Conflictnone
  • AlliesFrogsylvania


What do Frogsylvanians look like?
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT
  • Frogsylvania NFT


In a galaxy far far away somewhere in the multiverse, during an unknown period of time, neither future nor past, there was a universe; a happy, humoristic and flourishing land called “Frogsylvania”.
Frogsylvania consisted of 9 realms, each realm unique to its own. They lived in harmony, all frogs were equal, well sort of… each of these realms had a sovereign to watch over every day matters.

Despite minor incidents every now and then, life went on… until...


Until “it” appeared... purple and floating, out of thin air over the Volaranae tower and changed everything! Was it the first thing that has ever just appeared in Frogsylvania? No, things crashed, dropped and surfaced all the time... .


Sometime later, a clueless Merlin was summoned to The Hall of Kings to discuss the fate of the Dome and there, he discovered the scale to which this conflict had already escalated.


It is a well-tested fact, the nature of dark magic is to come at high prices. Of course Merlin didn’t understand how his spell could manifest dark magic at the time and so as the deed was Merlin’s solution turned into a sky-fall for Frogsylvanian citizens.


“Good citizens of Frogsylvania! These are dark and desperate hours...” He proceeded to address the Froglem after a brief apology for his error to which he found a “Folution”


Accessories, clothes and headpieces will level up as frogs are merged . Here, you can see what a fully leveled up set looks like; meet the set of clothes... literally…
  • 1
    A frog, wearing a white and stained tank top
  • 2
    A frog, wearing a
  • 3
    A frog, wearing a
  • 4
    A frog, wearing a
  • 5
    A frog, wearing a
  • 6
    A frog, wearing a
  • 7
    A frog, wearing a


Only 9 Kings rule the realms of Frogsylvania.
In addition to being the most prestigious characters in their entire world, they hold %25 of the voting power over DAFUQ
  • Picture of FROGOHITO-SAMA
    FROGOHITO-SAMAEmperor of Frogoshima

    The ruler of an exotic land on the edge of Frogsylvania, he’s very much of a mystery in his own empire of peculiar customs.

    JARL FRHJOGENNSENJarl of Grodaholm

    A fierce and respected warrior, commanding the loyalty of countless Grodaholmer clans in the realm of fire and frost.

  • Picture of QURQUR OF HEKET
    QURQUR OF HEKETPharaoh of Heket

    The majestic ruler of the now split kingdom of golden sand, leveraging the weight of ancient traditions and secrets.

  • Picture of UNCLE GORF-KHAN
    UNCLE GORF-KHANMaharaja of Pond-Apura

    An eccentric and respected figure with a dark past, presiding over a harmonious, vibrant and lush realm where visitors never want to leave.

  • Picture of MERLIN
    MERLINArchmage of Nottinufmana

    A wise and enigmatic sorcerer, known for his legendary wisdom, innovation and mastery of magical arts.

  • Picture of FRUGUS MAXIMUS
    FRUGUS MAXIMUSElected King of Croasseum

    A charismatic leader chosen by the inhabitants of a lively amphibian region. Aside from a few complexes, he’s known for his charm, diplomacy and Heroes Army.

    FROGXES II THE GREATSovereign of Frogopolis

    A legendary queen, celebrated for leading Frogopolitans to triumph in the great uprising that led to the usurper serpent’s downfall.

    PRESIDENT DART WAFERCommander-in-Chief of Toadooine

    A cunning rebel officer during the Galactoad rebellion, now leader of a nation of industrious toads, famous for her unwavering commitment to progress, at any cost.

  • Picture of KING FROGUSSON XI
    KING FROGUSSON XIKing of the Croakerias

    The glorious monarch of a proud kingdom, safeguarding the heritage of his line. He reunited the kingdom’s houses and took his throne back from his uncle.


  1. 1.0

    Prepare for launch

    Building the OG community and whitelisting wallets for the first, free to mint drop.
  2. 2.0


    A total supply of 7777 algorithmically generated livestock (lvl 1 frogs) are live and ready to mint for white-listed wallets.
  3. 3.0

    The First Reveal

    24 hours after the initial drop is sold out, the minted frogs are revealed.
  4. 4.0

    Merge Lab is Open!

    After the initial drop is sold out, the Merge Lab is open for holders to merge and level up their Livestock to Kings


Meet the Team behind Frogsylvania

Core Members



What the frog?
What is an NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a unique set of data that can be bought, sold, owned and traded. It can be solely a digital asset such as images, videos or domains, etc. It can also be linked to a physical object or be used as a pass that gives the holder exclusive access to data, communities, events, etc. The use of blockchain technology in regards to the operations above, allows the proof of ownership to be easily verifiable.
How can I mint?
Simply tune in as we announce the dates on our social media platforms for each drop, visit our website, connect your Ethereum wallet and click on “mint”.
Which wallets can I use?
You can connect any Ethereum wallet and start your adventure.